Pin It A friend of mine (Bilge Can Gürer) became a partner with (Duygu Aynur) in a very interesting and in my opinion helpful organisation called "İşinisev". It means "love your job" and their motto is: Let your dream be your job. They basicly pick role-models for each occupation and make a video-interview followed by a photo-shooting.

So one day he kindly asked me to be one of their role-models as a chainmail armor and accessory designer. It was both flattering and an exciting experience for me because I am really bad at moving infront of the camera :)

I tried to describe my job, 'how to do's, the good sides, the difficult parts, some hints, shortly, any kind of information that might be helpful to the people who are thinking about choosing accessory designing as their jobs.

I have no idea what the final interview video will look like :) but my personal page is as follows:

The web site is in Turkish for now but for those who are interested, here is the link:

Instagram: @isinisev

A shot from my interview

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