A Sustainable Urban Archaeology Experience: The Küçükyalı ArkeoPark

Pin It       For the time being, besides my own "Chainmail By Xn" business, I am also working in an archaeological site within the city of İstanbul. This is a 9th century Byzantium structure complex and our project is called "Traces of the Past for Contemporary Creativity: Urban Archaeology and Küçükyalı ArkeoPark". Aim of the project is to integrate cultural heritage into daily city life. What's more, archaeological excavations are conducted in the area along with conservation and preservation practises and social activities for different age groups.
       It is the largest archaeological area located on the Asian side of İstanbul and was a suburb of the ancient Byzantine city.

If you want to take a closer look at the activities of Küçükyalı ArkeoPark, here are our social media accounts and pages:

Instagram: @kucukyaliarkeopark
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kucukyaliarkeopark/
Web Site: https://kyap.ku.edu.tr/

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