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Pin It       I saw that living in the same house with a cat is something that you can not understand unless you do so. Before Luxor came to our house, my mother was terrified of cats, my father did not want it at all and my brother was running away when he saw one. So when I told them I would bring a sphynx kitten to our home, the next day my mother got sick. The day I brought it, a big argument took place within the family. I had to stay at a friends house for ten days :) Then they only let me in if I kept it 'only' in my room. I said "ok" and did so, because I knew things would come out differently.

      Around 1 week later, my mother was running after Luxor in order to hug her, 2 weeks later my father started to visit my room to say "good bye" to Luxor(!) before leaving for work :)) and 3 months later my brother accepted touching him (yes he is a stubborn, resistent person :) 

      Now Luxor is our joy, little member of our family having a very big place in our lives and hearts. Usually my life is not so full of good choices :) but bringing her home is the best thing I have ever done! I strongly recommend everybody to experience this sincere love and caring in their own lives.

Whatever action I do, she likes to join (or to be a part of it literally :)

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