My Rhodes Vacation - II

Pin It       I wanted to write a seperate post about eating/drinking in Rhodes because it is both one of my favorite subjects and a very rich culture there. The most popular food type is the sea food -not surprisingly. You can eat fresh fish, octopus, mussels, calamari and such. However in our first day we ate the worst fish in our lives. It was very hard and tasteless (I think the owner realised his mistake because he came by and wanted to kiss and hug us many times and afterwards served many free offers!!) but except for that first inexperienced try, everything was just wonderful.
      When you hear the word "Greece", probably the second word you hear will be "ouzo", the anise-flavored local drink -which is almost the same as our national drink, Turkish raki. It goes very well ice-cold with sea food.

Grilled octopus along with garlic bread and ouzo

      In Rhodes you can try many different foods at the same time with mixed plates. We did that a couple of times and by that way tasted many Greek foods (which also belong to our cousine with small differences:) like mousakka, tzatziki ("cacik" in Turkish), lazagna, dolma (stuffed vegetables), meatballs, cheeseballs, rice, mashed eggplants and many more...

Mixed sea food plate - it is called "Simi Plate"
Mixed Greek food plate
Our hotel owner's surprise in the breakfast: Home made grape jam on home made cake

If you are fond of meat, I recommend you to go to "Lemoni" grill restaurant. It is in the center of the Old Town and one of the cheapest but most delicious places in Rhodes!
Tasting the local wine in one of the center spots in the Old Town is a must as well.

And in our last day: Very happy me after eating so many good foods but also very unwilling to end the vacation.

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  1. I hope you'll write a 3rd which will be about the history of the island.. the local people.. your trip and the other details..

    But it's a good holiday with no doub,

    thanks for sharing :)

    1. And thanks for commenting (it is the 4th one after 170 posts(!) :P ) Btw suggestion is noted :)