My Rhodes Vacation - I

Pin It       I was on my summer holiday all through the last week and it was really a good one. I spent it in a Greek island: Rhodes, island of the knights :) After that holiday I guess I complimented on the place so much that 3 friends of mine decided to go there. So let me give you some more details as well:
        It is a famous historical island with population of 116.000. Historically, Rhodes is famous worldwide for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the medieval Old Town of the City has been declared a World Heritage Site.

You can see medieval-knight-themed objects everywhere and for me it is like a heaven.

A self-portrait in our room :) I like this cool door very much
The street view from our authentic hotel: Casa De La Sera
There are a lot of different beaches in Rodos and this one is in Lindos.

Remainings belong to the Church of Virgin of Burgh
Enterance of Rhodes Archaeological Museum
        I found our hotel from booking.com and got very satisfied with it. Also the location is perfect with just 1 minute walk to the Old Town center. In this island you can rest, eat good food, enjoy various kinds of local souvenirs, enjoy the turquoise sea, see historical sites and remainings and of course taste the unique booze "ouzo". You can also go on a boat tour that stops by the other beaches and popular spots.
       I think the best season to enjoy the sea and all these things is between July-August because since it is an island, it is quite windy and that goes very well with the hot weather, but I am not sure about the same effect after September or October.  

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