X-Painted Rocks

Pin It       I spent my weekend outside the city again and had some quality time by drawing, reading and sleeping (which I do for a very few hours normally). Since unfortunately last 10 days were busy with consequent and unexpected funerals, I was very upset and didn't want to spend time in the city, in crowd so such a weekend turned out to be a good support for me.
      This time I tried a new practise: Painting on rocks. It is a guaranteed way to keep your mind away from problems or basicly everything so even if you think you don't have the skill, I recommend you to try this at least once (and collecting these on the shore itself is a therapy as well).

My working space

One of my favorite creatures next to one of my favorite fruits.
It felt harder than drawing on paper because of the ragged surface and I like working with very thin pen but it turned out to be a bad choice since it is impossible to varnish without smudging the ink so acrylic paint with brush is the thing you shall choose.

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