And More Dragons...

Pin It      While Niche Surtur is getting bigger, I have another guest in my terrarium. My friend gave me his dragon before he went on a holiday so now I have two. The very first day was quite worrying because it was obvious that Surtur didn't want any company with him but at the end of the night the picture was as follows:))

      The one at the back is my guest. At first sight, you may think that she is hugging him but for the dragons it is important to be on the top so especially the males climb up the highest possible point in the terrarium to claim their property. This time I also prefer to suppose that she is hugging him :)) By the way they are both from the same family and -most probably- brother & sister. They eat in a different way, sleep in a different way and they are smaller than they look in the pictures:) All in all they are just few-months-old babies and a huge source of my happiness.

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