Tangram - The Puzzle

Pin It       After introducing you my snake Tangram, I thought I should also mention the puzzle itself with the same name. I remember it from my childhood and it is a very old puzzle which was originally invented in China during the Song Dynasty and then carried over to Europe in the 1800s. The word "Tangram" means "seven boards of skill".
      It is basicly a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat geometrical shapes called "tans". The objective of the puzzle is to put together these tans and form a specific shape using all seven pieces, which may not overlap.
      Last week I remembered this  all of a sudden and found the chart below to make my own Tangram. You can also use it to make yours. The shapes used are: 2 large right triangles, 1 medium right triangle, 2 small right triangles, 1 square and 1 parallelogram.

And some of my homemade creations below :) By the way there are more than 1 billion possible combinations that can be made with only seven tans! I also recommend you to read about tangram paradoxes such as "the two monks paradox", "the magic dice cup tangram paradox" or "clipped square tangram paradox".

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