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Pin It       In the begining, my aim was only to share my artworks, crafts and mostly the things I created but lately I have been writing more and sharing more of my life -mostly the animals:)- But afterall it is a curiosity cabinet so all things are welcome:) And I think it is also nice to share more of the writer's life because you can see what kinds of things inspire me in daily life. After a productive vacation period I hope to share my new works as well.
       I keep this blog also as a virtual diary so this time it is to record Safir's first moulting period and the developments I noticed afterwards.

      The picture above was taken right after the moulting period (15.06.2013), noticeable features are her bright and fresh skin, softer head & teeth. I learned that since her teeth are soft, it is better not to feed her for a few days. As a sign of the upcoming moulting, she lost her hair at the back of her body, stopped eating, moved less and had more tendency to create a web.

       And 17 days after the moulting (02.07.2013), with a harder skin and a stronger head & teeth. I waited for a week and gave her 2 larvae. Although these animals are very resistent to hunger, she seemed like she was starving and ate both of them at once.

      SpiderGirl climbing up the walls :) After an inert period before, during and after the moulting, she became very active again and started to walk across her terrarium, climb up the walls and dig in it.

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