Life With "Safir"

Pin It       As you may remember, I am looking after a grammostola pulchra which is a type of tarantula. As I experience this relation with her, I learn more and more everyday. During this period, there were times that I thought it was dead (like 3 or 4 times) or her head was torn apart (it turned out to be the moulting period) or it was sick because it wasn't eating at all (again turned out to be the side effect of moulting). :) Besides I bring up some larvae to feed her but I guess I have taken it so seriously that they grew too much and now they are bigger than the spider itself :)
      By the way "moulting" is the routine changing of the exoskeleton/shell and after that process the animal gets approximately %15 bigger (It really did!).
      All in all it is an enjoyable and instructive experience and I like it. I really miss her all through the day and as soon as I go home, I run to her terrarium. Here are some pictures:

"Safir" (Turkish word for the sapphire stone) before her moulting period

Future foods (unfortunately)

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