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A small notebook that I currently carry in my bag

     Confession: I am a natural born archivist. I keep many thematic journals since I was like 5 or 6. In those ages of course I used to write shorter (and with quite funnier grammar:) and drew more. As the years passed, I started to write (or record) more, proportional to more reading. I started with diaries, and then continued with thematic pieces like lyrics, quotes and poetry notebooks, book excerpts, few of my own essays, interesting information and formulas, travel journals, etc. I never go out without a small notebook and a pen also because you never know when a good idea will strike to your mind and I don't want to lose such ideas.
      Not everyone has to be interested in such things but I really recommend it to the ones who have the tendency. I also make various kinds of lists in those notebooks. It is like keeping aside all the pieces you choose from life. I have the list of names, cocktail recipes, artists and artworks that I like, so forth and so on (yes I keep these in Pinterest also but I trust written papers more than any technological device).
      I have a lot of dreams and I (of course:) note them down as well -if I remember a good amount. I have already completed 2 notebooks. I have a special interest in dreams but not by means of shallow dream interpretations. I like to read especially about "dream controll" in which you can do whatever you want, run, fly and even can controll your speed of flight (Senoi tribe brought that theory up). I also found a very old source in ancient Ottoman language and have been translating it for a while. After finishing it all, it can be a further writing in my blog.
      All in all, I really recommend everyone finding at least few themes that you are interested in and start to write down some notes from time to time. You understand how sagacious it is when you go through them after a few years.

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