My New Friend: "Safir"

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      Yesterday my colleague came to the office with two spiders. One of them was a big one and the other was a baby. I liked it so much that he gave the baby to me. That's how I got my new friend "Safir", a grammostola pulchra, in other words a terrestrial tarantula from Brazil.
      I named her "Safir", the Turkish form of "Sapphire" and I suppose that it is a female because I learned that females live for up to 25 years and males can only live for 5 or 6. So I named it as a female (I give positive signs to the universe to turn my wish into a reality:))
      I continue reading about this creature more to take good care of it and till now the basic information is as follows: it is a slow growing docile pet, is gentle in temperament, has an appealing dark velvet color, can grow up to 15-19 cm when adult. It's venom potency is unknown (ops!:).
      I am preparing a suitable vivarium for her and she eats live food insects such as crickets, locust, butter worms, meal worms, houseflies and cockroaches. I won't be fond of giving her a live animal but I guess this is how it should be.

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