An Egyptian Poem from 2000 B.C.

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Famous couple of ancient Egypt: Osiris (flanked by Horus on the left)
and Isis on the right  (22nd dynasty, Louvre, Paris)
       While I was going through my notes, I found an old poem that I recorded long time ago. Actually it is a love poem and I am not such a big fan of those but this one is almost the only one that I keep because it is short and I find it very sincere. Here it is:

                                     "My heart is in harmony  with thy heart
                                      And I can not tear myself away from thy beauty...
                                      Only thy sigh gives life to my heart,
                                      Now that I found thee,
                                      Let Aten make you mine in eternity."
Source: "Art and History of Egypt. 5000 Years of Civilisation". Bonechi. p. 20.

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