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      Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, especially if I don't work and have time to have a long one with friends or family. I know that some people have the ritual of coffee and cookies for the breakfast and that is also ok sometimes but my favorite is the one with cheese, warm bread and some delicious stuff. Now I will tell you more about this "delicious stuff".
Our latest breakfast in one of my friends' house
      In Turkey the most common things for the breakfast are cheese, bread, olive and tea. Apart from these we have some specialities also. I will shortly give you examples of these:

1- Tahin-Pekmez: You only mix tahina (sesame seed oil) and pekmez (grape molasses) together but since pekmez is very sweet, you should mix it slowly by tasting. Mix it well and eat it with bread.
2- Acuka: You take the hot pepper paste and add some chopped garlic, 2-3 spoons of olive oil and herbs like cummin, thyme, black pepper and whatever you like. Finally add some chopped walnut. You can eat it along with bread, alone or with cheese.
3- You take a small bowl of olive oil and in it add all the herbs you like. It can be again thyme, cummin, pepper and don't forget to put some lemon in it. You can dip your toasted bread in this healthy mixture.
4- Scrambled eggs with sunroot (jerusalem artichoke): This one is my father's invention indeed :). I am very fond of this vegetable and after you roast it in the pan for a while (but after chopping it into very small cubes because it has a hard structure) it turns out to be even more delicious than potatoes. After roasting you add the eggs. A touch of flour is optional but it makes the final product bigger :)

      As you see I prefer using olive oil and herbs a lot. They are both very healthy for the body and very delicious. I strongly recommend you to try at least some of these if you are unfamiliar with such things.

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