Pin It       I am a dedicated reader and books occupy very big space in my life (both metaphorically and literally because my room is filled with them :)

      Getting a new book is one of the things that make me happy. Since people around me know that, I always get books on occasions like birthdays or Christmas, etc. So if I am writing a blog to keep my personal history in a virtual cabinet, I felt that I definitely had to write about my reading habit and favorite pieces of literature.

     I am more into historical, scientific and technical books about archaeology, linguistics, botany, zoology, mythology rather than novels but as long as it is not a romance book I like reading all of them. Some classical novels are exceptional though. It is not so good but I am allergic to bestsellers also. Even if it is a good one, I try to read it after a while.
 My favorite books and authors are as follows:
* Sherlock Holmes series
* All works of Edgar Allan Poe
* Shakespeare
* Umberto Eco
* Patrick Suskind
* Mehmet Hengirmen
* Bernard Werber
* Alexandre Dumas
* Laurence Sterne
* Nikolai Gogol
* Thomas Bernhard
* All kinds of encyclopedias
* Dictionaries
* Printed ancient Ottoman documents
* Ancient Egypt culture
* Astronomy books
* Fantastic Ravenloft series
* Terry Pratchett books
* Writings of ancient philosophers
* Archaeological excavation reports
so forth and so on... (because I felt that my list will go on forever:)
      By the way, for a long time I have been looking for a book called "The Wasp Factory" by Iain Banks. It is not sold or printed anymore so if you know a second-hand bookseller where I can find a copy or someone willing to sell (regardless of the country), I will be very glad.  

...And Everything Has Consequences :)

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