Characters in My Life - Vol.1: HARLEQ

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      I am a person who lives mostly in her imagination so I have some characters that I feel attached and platonically attracted to. I think they also need to take place in the records of my personal history :).
     One of these characters is a certain Harlequin. I say "certain" because actually I used to (or maybe still) dislike clowns but this one is a drawing that I found on internet 15 years ago. I can not read the signature clearly so I still don't know who the artist is.
The drawing that I found on internet
       Originally, Harlequin is both a type of clown and a comic servant character from the Italian Commedia Dell'arte (a form of theater which began in the 16th century and characterized by masked performers). However I use it as a proper name here and in order to prevent that generalisation I named him "Harleq".

Tha clay sculpture that I made after getting inspired by the drawing
       The tragic part of the story is, while moving from one house to another, carriers broke my sculpture into pieces (pffffff..). Only the head survived so I will make another one soon. (Maybe that's not too bad, the hand sucks in this one, I can work on it more :))

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