Our Facebook Group For New Designs and All Things Creative: "IYIYMIS!"

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      On Facebook, we are leading a social group with 7 other friends for almost 3 years. Our motto is: Share new designs, cool irony, creative products and ideas, artworks, interesting places, to sum up, all things creative and "illuminating". It is an interactive group with nearly 7000 users and everyday more than 50 posts are added to the page by other users and us. It can be a movie, a new album, book, product design, creative advertisement or just something funny. If you like to contribute or just to check it out, here is the link:

      As administrators, we really like this group, take it seriously and spend a good amount of time everyday to keep it at a certain level so we have a bunch of rules to avoid spam users, ordinary and lame posts for the sake of our members. They are written both in Turkish and English so you can check them out as well.

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