Chainmail Bikini - Work in Progress..

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Soon Summer :)
      I like trying new designs all the time rather than repeating the same things. This one is a bikini designed for a photo-shoot. Here the catch is to make the top part fit and to keep the bottom part properly in place. For the bra part I had the advantage of knowing how to knit so I could increase and decrease the number of rings because if you make it flat it doesn't fit properly and have spaces on both sides. Well, I still have doubts about keeping the bottom part on because it is quite heavy (at least more than a normal bikini) but my plan is to tie it from one side with a black elastic string or (and probably the better) sewing a black, elastic lining inside so it will be both tight and more comfortable to wear.   
      As they say form follows function so it is not of course for swimming :). I wouldn't also like anyone to drown because of this but I think it could be interesting to have a walk on the beach and hear some fun comments :). 

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