Challenge: Moving into Another House

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My Cassette Tape Drawer with Various Kinds of Unrelated Music :)
      For the last two weeks I have been packing up all the things in my room. Books, magazines, craft supplies, photography tools, clothes, again books and clothes, books, more clothes. Yes, it is because of moving to another house and it really turned out to be a challenge for me. I noticed (and got proud of the fact) that I have a lot of books and documents. I also noticed that I am a dedicated collector and it is only quarter to become a hoarder.

      No, not only because I keep the scraps of my primary school(!) pencils after sharpening them but also because I still have my very first jean shorts that I had at the age of 9 and can still fit in!! (This may be another thing to be proud of or maybe I was quite big at the age of 9 :)).

Books, Magazines & Folders...
      Seriously I found a lot of stuff that I kept but I noticed I really have a basis to build a personal museum. I don't collect just to collect but instead I keep some samples of my own history. Fabric pieces cut from my school uniforms, friend's notes, concert tickets, invitation cards, old drawings, pins, coins, tokens, walnut shells (that I used as surprising boxes for small gifts), crown corks, pebbles collected during my travelings, post cards, gifts (I keep every gift), notebooks, stickers and many more... Each group of object has a seperate box, envelope or a folder and when I go through them I feel like I am reading a diary. Also it is very enjoyable to system them from time to time and I barely sacrifice some very old, damaged things during this cleaning.
      Now I am writing this post among towers of boxes but at least in the new house so there is a progress.
      As they say in the song: "It's a new dawn. It's a new day. It's a new life for me."

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