Dischidia (Snaily) Plant

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       I recently came across an interesting creature called Dischidia (Snaily) Plant. It grows in a snail shell so I wanted to mention it in my blog. I did not have a long experience with house plants because I was living with my parents and my mother was taking care of ours but after I moved out, I started to feel interested and learned more about them.
       This Dischidia plant grows in an unusual container -a real snail shell which originates from the rice fields of Thailand. Because of the curling leaves, the Dischidia plant resembles a snail, although fortunately the plant grows faster. I saw it in a friends house and here is how it looks:

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  1. Hi
    I have 3 of these plants were normally I have lots of orchids but this snail shell plant fascinated me with its tiny pink flowers but there is only one thing iv never seen the flowers open but love them anyway
    Xx ann

    1. Hi :) Lucky of you to have one actually. I saw this one in a friend's house and it is a bit difficult to find it in some countries. But it looks really nice and interesting.