Days in İstanbul

Pin It       As you may remember, I was away from my family and friends for more than 5 months. In this previoust week I tried to enjoy as much as possible by seing the people I have missed, by going to the places I was longing for. I eat like crazy, I hug people, I look around all the time not to miss a thing :).
      I really like Norway, its nature and foods but I also missed many things in Turkey. For example here we have open market places. Every week, in a certain neighbourhood people come to sell their fresh vegetables, fruits, handmade products and various kinds of things. I had a chance to go through ours this week and I am looking forward to the next one. These open markets are called "pazar" in Turkish. 
  Another place I have been to is Şile. I spent the weekend there with my parents. It is a small, touristic town not so far from the city so people prefer going there in the weekends. There is a settlement in Şile since 700 BC. The most famous places are its lighthouse (belonging the Ottoman period) and its castle (built by Genoese people). It is also popular for its beaches. However, it is at the northernmost point of Istanbul and thus shares the same sea conditions as other Black Sea towns where strong sea currents can be dangerous to inexperienced swimmers. Here are some shots from today.

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