What I learned in Norway

Pin It       Moving to another country sounds like a very difficult step to take and it really is! However, if you are a person who likes to experience new things, you can learn a lot from this change. I am quite much of a “notebook” person so I started to write down the new things which I didn’t have any idea of before and made a list. If you are in a similar situation, I highly recommend you to do so. Actually such a list can be made even if you are not moving at all because also in daily life we learn new things continuously. Pleasure of this is to see how wide the scale is. Just as my list:
·         Cooking
·         Being patient
·         Growing plants
·         Washing the dishes
·         Cleaning the house
·         Traveling alone
·         Using a drill
·         Making jam
·         Saying “No” when necessary
·         Making dragon style chainmail
·         Lighting a stove
·         Making more crochet and knitting patterns     
·         Using a saw
·         Baking bread at home
·         Walking on ice
·         Creating a blog from the start…

As you can see my list consists of very unrelated topics and seems to grow longer. I am sure you will enjoy the results if you make yours.

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