Brunost (BrownCheese)

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My Breakfast Today
      I like all kinds of cheese and when I came to Norway I met a new, interesting type of cheese called brown cheese. Actually it cannot be called “new” -at least in here- because it has been produced since 1880s. It is made by boiling a mixture of milk, cream and whey for several hours so that the water evaporates. The heat turns the milk sugar into caramel and that gives the cheese its characteristic color and taste.

      When I first tasted it, I really fell in love with the taste. Also the combination is appealing. People here eat it with (not salty and preferably full corn) crackers and biscuits along with jam. It goes very well with coffee as well. For many people around me it is a “must” to have in the morning before the breakfast or simply as the breakfast itself. When I asked how come it was not produced or sold to other countries, I got the reply “there is not so much demand to buy and it is the particular taste of this part of the world”. Ironically when I brought that cheese to my family and friends to taste, none of them liked it except for two J but for me it became a necessity and I carry it wherever I go. Finally, I recommend for those who have the chance to taste it, definitely to do so. It is cut by a special type of flat cheese knife and also can be used in the famous Norwegian “brown sauce” to go along with meat (I will talk about that in the upcoming days). By the way it has traditionally been considered healthy because of its high content of iron, calcium and B vitamins. 

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  1. I LOVE brown cheese but we don't have it here in İstanbul :(