-27: Cold, Mild or Warm?

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      Norway is considered to be a very cold country, especially for those who are used to live in warmer countries like mine, Turkey. When I first visited here two summers ago, I was surprised because it was June and I had to wear all my t-shirts and socks one over another instead of wearing them separately. However after moving here I saw that it wasn’t as scary as I thought in winters. On the contrary I enjoyed following the thermometer and got proud of my resistance for cold. The coldest I have seen is -27 up to now and people call it a warm, mild winter. I am waiting for my new cold record nowadays.
      This subject reminded me of a piece I noted down from Mehmet Hengirmen’s book “TANSIK”:
… The average temperature in outer space is -270°C and sun rays are not sufficient to heat the earth. If magma didn’t heat the earth’s crust from the bottom, the difference between the day and night temperature would be over 100°C…
      Before ending this part, maybe you would like to know the temperature of those two giant heating sources. Sun: 15000000°C and Magma: ranging from 600°C to 1600 °C. Can you imagine?


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